About Live Holidays

Since 2015, Live Holidays has been committed to bringing our clients the best in value and quality travel arrangements. We are passionate about travel and sharing the world's wonders on the leisure travel side, and providing corporate travelers hi-touch services to facilitate their business travel needs.

This journey would not have been possible without the support of Mr. Satish Sharma, Mr. Madan Chaudhary, Mr. Yashpal Nagar, Mr. Rajiv Kher, Mr. Anup Kumar Sharma, Mr. Anshul Aggarwal, Mr. Karan Anand and many respected clients who not only supported but are the main reason for our expansion.

Further this expansion would not have been possible without our channel partners -

  • Mr. Atul Mahana (Kurukshetra)
  • Mr. Rishabh Garg (Ambala)
  • Mr. Rishi Kesh (Chandigarh)
  • Mr. Vinod Kamboj (Karnal)
  • Mr. Arun Chauhan (Yamunanagar)
  • Mr. Sumit Monga (Naraina, Delhi)
  • Mr. Yatin Arora (Bangalore)
  • Mr. Raghavendra Boyapally (Hyderabad)
  • Mr. Shashi (Mumbai)

Live Holidays is an experienced travel management company. We work with you to manage all elements of your travel in an efficient, cost effective and ethical manner.